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Tort Law As Seen by Our Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles

The area of law that our expert Los Angeles personal injury attorney deals with is tort law. These laws are civil suits and they are in place to protect the fact that individuals are legally responsible for the consequences of their conduct that affects other people.

While this definition may sound vague, this is necessary to encompass a wide range of laws, codes, regulations, and court proceedings. Under tort law, anyone that has caused, through negligence or intentions, any physical, emotional, or economic harm can be brought to trial. The laws of negligence and liability also dictate the proceedings during out-of-court settlements as well.

Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

So what do these laws mean to our car accident attorney? Any party that has in anyway harmed you or a loved one in any manner may be responsible for medical bills, trauma, loss of wages, or any other aspect of your life that has been negatively impacted. Intentional torts are laws in which one party deliberately tried to harm another party. A very good example of this would be publicly defaming someone.

Also common are negligence torts. Individuals are expected to act with due diligence at all times. This means that reasonable care must be taken to avoid harm to any people or damage to any property. An example of this may be playing baseball in the street and breaking a window with the baseball. They caused damage due to their negligence of another party’s safety and property.

Very much like negligence torts are liability torts. These include situations such as a landlord allowing a broken railing to go unfixed or a company releasing a product that could cause injury without the proper warnings.

No matter the type of case, our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is here to ensure that victims of any type of accident or mishap receive the settlement that they need to move forward.


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